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The very first thing I want to tell you is YES you can help children, as young as 3, develop skills and confidence in writing and literacy. What’s more, you can write algorithms with them and use the algorithms as gameplay, story creation and unlimited make-believe adventures. This is what digital literacy is for the early year’s sector and, it is as fun and engaging as YOU make it.

What’s in the video

In this video, I’ll be walking you through two main issues that occur when you start kids on a journey of creative storytelling and algorithmic writing. Plus I’ll be seeking outside help from a trusted education source William Ready. They make writing stencils that help develop confidence in early literacy and also help me solve one of the issues I often face in a Kinder Coders class. I’d love to know your thoughts on this video so please feel free to comment below.

Freebies that go with this video

If you’re an early year’s educator then why not have a go at writing an arrow algorithm with a FREE printable ( linked below ). Then tell me all about your experience, your struggles and achievements via email or in the comment below. If you are using our printable, you will find it in the link BELOW.…

All you need to do is make a play-doh robot with your kids and walk it through the line maze. Ask them to draw the corresponding direction the robots take in arrows ( it doesn’t matter if it is correct), in the grid below the maze. The H in the printable stands for hopscotch, something we physically do to build gross motor skills and scaffold coding concepts in our classes. But you could ask your kids to make something up that the robot has to do once it lands on it. If your keen for more junior STEM activities and inspiration the join me on Instagram or my email list.

As always, happy exploring friends.

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Educational providers in this video

Thank you to the William Ready team for their help making arrow stencils and for just being super cool Human beings. This will help my youngest students grow, create and thrive. You can contact William Ready at:

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Lisa is a Mum and a Laboratory Technician who is passionate about providing science an technology play experiences to her own children. From this passion she shares ways to teach and explore these subject with children in the early years from babies to grade 1.

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