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Every afternoon, well almost every, I set up a play activity for my kids to do when they come home. And they LOVE it and run to the table to check it out when they see it there. I also love the afternoon set ups because I get to talk with them while they explore and I also get to make dinner at the same time. Woop Woop, that’s without little people running around my feet while I’m cooking.

Afternoon Activity – Dilution Play

I recently went for an interview in a cytogenetic lab, I’ve been in pathology now for 7 years and thought a change would be nice. One of the interview questions I was given was ‘if I gave you 10x solution and asked you to make 100ml at 1 % solution,  how would you do that?’. It’s been a while since I had to make solutions and I had to think on it. In the end I got the answer ???? , and it made me realise how important dilutions were in science.

Solutions are a chemistry scientists best friend ????‍???? ???? . It is as simple as adding something to a substance to weaken it. That something is usually water ???? but not always and the substance can be many things. In the case of the cytogenetics lab, it could have been a cell solution. At home, it could be something like cordial or shampoo.

You can easily talk about dilutions at home or in class and do moke up samples of  coloured water at various strengths. The play experiment in the video above and below uses simple ingredients like markers, paper towel and water. If you do this experiment at home or in class be sure to ask questions to the kids like  ‘do they think the water will make the colour of the marker weaker or stronger?’. And then you can test it and see.

Key vocabulary:

???? Dilution
???? Concentrate
???? Solution
???? Dilute

Happy exploring.

Crazy Easy Play

This is a Dilution wordplay activity and its crazy easy to get organised and to set up. Get the kids involved in collecting the materials and then ask them to draw on some paper towel with coloured markers. Pop that into a container and slowly transfer water on the paper and watch dilution happen… just like magic.

Where does the colour go? Can your kids explain to you what they see? Thats STEM play my friends and you are also helping your kids grow new vocabulary and thinking around their own observations.

Dilution Definition

To make something weaker.

The Science Behind Dilutions:

We use dilutions all the time in science. They are cool because they decrease the concentration of something we are working with giving us flexability.

By using dilutions way we can save money, be more sustainable in our practice, make things safer to use and decrease the concentration to a size that is more suitable to our needs. Like when we want to make sure the concentration is the same in every testing scenario or when we only need a small amount to experiment with.

Keen For A Chemistry Play Lab At Home

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