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Launching Rockets To The Moon

Can you believe it has been 50 years since we landed on the Moon ???? ? Doesn’t that fill you with all the good feelings about how ingenious us humans can be? Space surely is our final frontier?

To celebrate this fantastic accomplishment of humanity, we have been busying on the STEM kids front, creating some super cool moon-related activities for our early learning kids. All of these activities are simple enough to make with kids, perfect for the school holidays and great for outdoor play.

DIY straw rocket launcher

One of our favourite play-based activities is the ever-popular straw rocket launcher. There is a little video below of how to make it.  You will need two different straw sizes for this game, and one can fit inside the other. And a small plastic bottle (they work better as the straw doesn’t get stuck inside). The only other thing I recommend is to pop holes into the bottle tops ahead of time. A soldering iron worked great and was the perfect size for our straws.

I’ve got a printable of a rocket here for you to use. Click here for rocket template.

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Omg this is the cutest and easiest!! Thanks for sharing!!

Nikki Miller, @nikkimlr
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I love this! Such a good idea ????❤️
Pocketful of Preschool, @pocketfulof_preschool

M4 fun rocket launcher

After a taster of these mini launchers, I know you will want to go bigger, we sure did and we use the 4M Green Science Rocket Launcher to do it.  WOW WEE we had some fun running around the park with these as you can see in the video above. If your keen to get one for yourself or as a birthday present then you can here.   As an extension of this STEM activity I had all the children use string and wool to run after their rockets and measure the different distance they could get their rockets too.

Key Rocket Vocabulary to use while exploring:

  • Force
  • Gravity
  • Pressure
  • Rocket
  • Moon
  • Space
  • Astronaut
More Moon Play:

With all this talk about making rockets and launching them into outer space, we decided to read a book about the moon and where it goes. This, of course, inspired a lot of talk about Earth, the moon and how the moon goes around the Earth. And in a creative attempt to make this a little more obvious I made this super cool magnetic Moon orbiting DIY from the leftover materials I found lying around. You can find the full story here on Instagram. And I must say I’m quite happy with how it turned out.

Space is so cool:

Space exploration excited and inspires me. Just looking up at the stars make me realise how small we are and how much there is of other things. It’s very exciting to know that we are progressing to the stars, I’m super pumped to hear that NASA is going back to the moon ???? to settle in. Funny to think our neighbourhood extends there now.

This is the future for our kids and another reason why Science and Technology are so essential to inspire in early years education.

If you have a great rocket to the moon idea, then send me a comment below.

Happy Launching!

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