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Do you feel like your teacher skills are being tested when trying to introducing technology play into your classroom? Then STOP right there! I guarantee you already have a wealth of knowledge about technology, robots and coding that’s just waiting to be unleashed. In this video, I’ll show you 5 simple steps of how to bring that knowledge to life.

What’s in the Video

Wither you’re a parent at home, a homeschooler or a kindergarten teacher you will be able to use these 5 unique ways to start exploring robotics with your kids. Don’t think of it as complicated think of this type of exploration as a way to discuss new words and discover new possibilities of creation.

This video has 5 simple ways to explore robots and robotics at this young age.

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Educational providers in this video

Lisa – from Happy Explorers Kinder Coder Library and Kindergarten program shares her tips and tricks to get started embracing tech play.

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About Lisa:

Lisa is a Mum and a Laboratory Technician who is passionate about providing science an technology play experiences to her own children. From this passion she shares ways to teach and explore these subject with children in the early years from babies to grade 1.

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