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Who is aboard the Linda Lukas love train? Me Me Me. I so enjoyed reading this book. The pictures are so delicious, and just like a great painting, they are full of hidden details. So Good!

Key vocabulary to use in play!

???? Instructions

???? Language

???? Repeat

???? Debugging

???? Imagination

What you’ll need to explore coding!

In this Blog we:

  • Read a book about coding
  • Make a motherboard
  • Do an arrow algorithm
  • Write a set of instructions to make a vegemite sandwich and get someone to react them out

It’s a tool and it take you on adventures.

Learning to code is the same as learning to write. It’s a tool for communication and creation and once you learn’t it allows you to make things inside a computer and things that can extend outside a computer like a robot, a movie or animation, art or really what ever you can imagine.

This is the story of a girl who peices together some clues left by her Father and go’s on an adventure to find some treasure. Along the way of problem-solving and repeating actions she meets many new friends that come from the coding world. The story is full of computer terminology hidden nicely in an imagnitavely rich adventure.

Who knew learning about code could be so fantastic. I’m so glad I have kids so I could discover this awesome story. I brought this book about a years ago and to be fair I liked it then but didn’t love it. And then when I reread it for this video, I was like, WHAT, I remembered the pictures were great and the story exciting, but it’s like I got the coding depth of the story more this time. So it’s definitely one that you can read many times. I loved it.

Arrow Algorithm

If you’re after another great Linda Liukas Book try Hello Ruby – Journey inside a computer. You can check out this book here it even has kids commentation on the story, it’s so cute.


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