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Hello Ruby – Journey inside a computer. Seriously, I so thought of this title many moons ago when I was in the School Rockestefed. Our whole storyline was about being sucked into a computer and having to find our way out. I must say this story is a little has a way better computer explanation than our dancing one. From memory, ours was all busting a move and cartwheels. But in this book, you can dip your toes into This book the abstract world of computers.

What are they best type of STEM books?

There are so many great STEM book out there. But my absolute favourite types of books to read to young ones are the stories that incorporate learning expereince and imaginative drama. This book does just that.

Can you imagine what It woul be like to shrink down and walk inside a computer? I mean what do you think you would find inside? Now imagine all the parts insie the computer are alive and friendly and have a story to tell you. They talk about who they are and what they do. So brilliant, so fun.

Another amazing title

Organic Chemistry for Babies – Book Reading

This book, Organic Chemistry for babies, is written by Cara Florance and Chris Ferrie. It is a simple book that young children can ask question about an just get comfortable with some new words and ideas out our greater universe.

STEM book arn’t just for reading

A good science or technology storybook will be a way for you to open up discussion about the world.

You know they ‘why’ question? Ask your children why they think things work that way. Or ask them to explain what they are seeing in the pictures and hearing in your  words. This will help grow their own ability to answer questions an ponder the misteries for themselves alongside builiding vocabulary and litteracy skills.

From Chewing To Pooing Book

Expands upon potty book favourites Everyone Poops and Where’s the Poop to accurately explain how our bodies digest food; reassuring anxious little ones and helping all kids understand this important way their body functions. This early education STEM book is ideal for preschool and kindergarten classes on up. Helpful to use while potty training and useful for kids (and their caretakers) struggling with childhood constipation.

Eye Spy Book

USBBY Outstanding International Book 2019 and Parents’ Choice Gold Award Winner 2018

Ever wonder what your cat is watching through the window? Or how having eyes on the sides of its head changes the world for a horse? And what would life be like seeing in 5 colours instead of only 3? After a whirlwind tour of how eyes work, children will lift the lid see exactly how animals view the world around.

Do you play everyday?

STEM play is easy, I swear. Just follow these links to some easy sets up to have you and your kids playing in no time.

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