A little story ‘about’ me

HELLO, I’m Lisa. You probably already know a little bit about me from social media, but here’s a little more back story so you can see how my Happy Explorers journey started.

I started with a dream

It all started with a dream in Scotland during a gap year. After finishing two advanced diplomas in Laboratory techniques in biomedical science and environmental science, I had a decision to make. Travel the world or finish one more years at University and get a Science degree. It was a tough decision, but in the end, I choose to travel the world. A decision I do not regret to this day.

Somehow in the most beautiful country of Scotland, I fell into the role of being an Au pair ( nanny ) in a beautiful 600-year-old house where the stone wall were as thick as my arm. It is one of those epic stories that has shaped the rest of my life. The family I lived with was kind, inviting and really just amazing. I became a part of their family, and they taught me things about life and the world that I hold dear today. This is where I discovered my passion for engaging with and teaching children especially science.

10 years later

Fast forward 10 years. I now have 10 years of Laboratory Technician experience in chemistry and pathology labs, training and assessing certification and am finishing off a diploma of Early Years Education.

3 years ago, I created Happy Explorers. Initially started as home play-based learning kits business. But over time it has changed an grown to include my passions of science and technology to become a STEM consultant agency, STEM incursion provider and STEM professional development workshop provider.

What I love most

It has been my privilege to write, develop, test and pilot many STEM educational materials and programs for Happy Explorers and the for the wider community. I have seen parents and educators grow and thrive in bringing modern STEM practices to the children with invigorated enthusiasm. I am so excited to see what these kids can create with their bright futures.

End game

I dream that STEM learning becomes an everyday experience and that our kids grow up being able to solve problems to the world.

Other places to find me

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Website – https://happy-explorers.com/

Email – i[email protected]

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